• Taylor Ann

Happy New Year!

My New Year's resolution this year is to do less.

Often in January, I find myself thinking about potential resolutions I want to tackle over the next 12 months. Some years, I choose goals that seem impossible and will require my attention week upon week. While other year's I aspire for resolutions that project an achievable outcome. Or in other words, tasks that require less time and energy. I must say, with complete candor, neither of these approaches have worked for me. This pushes me to try something new. Take a new approach. Think outside the box.

This year, I have decided not to set a measurable goal, but rather change my way of thinking and doing business. My resolution for 2018 is to do less. By that, I don't mean doing less business. Less, to me, does not mean spending less time or energy on clients and projects. I will strive to create more photographs than I did in 2017. I plan to post more photographs on social media than I did last year, sharing my love for photography with the world. What I mean by do less; I have plans to do less at one time. This will allow me to give more of myself to each client, task or project. Something I truly believe in, less is more

Are New Year's resolutions still a thing? 

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