Updated: Mar 10, 2018

When presenting photographs of a story or event, I often place the photos in chronological order, outlining the full essence of the story from start to finish. I will admit, this sometimes causes me to get too caught up in the order of things, that I forget to sit back and interpret the non-obvious and artistic elements.

My innovative personality began to brainstorm how I could present a photographic story differently, without confusing the viewer. After some thought, it triggered my memory of something I read in an article. I wish I could give credit to the person behind this idea, but unfortunately cannot recall the author or magazine. Something I do remember clearly, was the idea of getting viewers to look at something in an unexpected or unpredictable way. The minute you surprise them with something they weren't expecting, they may just look for a moment longer, perhaps even in a slightly different way. But, how can I tell a story without starting at the beginning? Will the viewers still understand?

It must have been at least several months ago when I came across this idea, and remember thinking to myself I am going to try this, someday! I am going to present images non-chronologically and unpredictably. Well, the right time and perfect occasion has presented itself, and I've decided to use this borrowed way to tell the story of a beautiful, fall wedding!

Part III: Something borrowed.

This past October, Kelli and Dillon were married in an old family barn. The couple was surrounded by friends and loved ones for an intimate, rustic ceremony. The mid-afternoon vows were followed by a quick trip to the local saloon, then off to the large reception and dance (but not before a quick shotgun beer!)

Here is a look at the Braith's wedding, in reverse. (:

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Finn Richard - February 19, 2018

As I began to think about this piece of my series, the theme or topic came to mind fairly quickly!

Just last week, I has the amazing opportunity to witness one of my nephew's birth. Not only was I able to observe, but also capture photographs the entire time. I could not think of a better set of images to share for my Something New. More importantly, I am so blessed to have been part of such a life-changing experience, capturing everlasting memories for the entire family.

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As I continue to prepare for my own wedding, dwindling down to the final weeks, putting every last touch on the details. I have started to think about some of the different wedding traditions I have watched family, friends and clients partake in. One of the first that comes to mind is the 'four somethings'. Something old. Something new. Something borrowed. Something blue. This has to be one of my favorites, so I have decided use it as a theme for my next four blog posts.

Part I: Something Old

I took the word old not literally as in age, or in time, but rather the meaning behind the tradition. Something old represents continuity, or unbroken and consistent existence. I found myself recalling a lovely October wedding I was privileged to photograph last fall and have decided to use their story to represent a love that had been building for several years before marriage, and has the foundation to continue for a lifetime.

Blake and Teague were married at The Next Chapter Winery in New Prague, Minnesota. As a MN wedding photographer, I knew from the moment I woke up that morning (and from numerous views on my weather app) that perfect October day would be magical for the couple. I must admit, magical was an understatement! Between the amazing winery setting, the first look with an unexpected visitor, to grandma on the dance floor. I cannot even begin to name all of the wonderful moments I was able to witness!

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